the caravanbodyshop
Servicing by a member of the Mobile Caravan Engineers Association (MCEA), on a competitive pricing structure to suit the customers' requirements.
Repairs and Restoration using an innovative repair system which restores just the damaged area rather than the whole panel, enabling a quick and cost-effective solution to minor damage, without compromising on work quality.
Welcome to the caravanbodyshop 0845 672 9640
Your one stop body shop for all makes and models of Caravans and motorhomes
Dent, split and texture panel repairs
Fibre glass repair
Plastic welding
Trim repair
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If you have minor scratches, gashes and dents from trees, gateposts, walls or other caravans call us!! Unfortunately these can lower the resale value by far more than the cost of getting such unsightly blemishes put right.

We at the caravanbodyshop know the value of your caravan and can offer immediate expert advice on whether those minor knocks would benefit from our services thus improving the value of your investment